Happy new year

Photo Credit Becky O’ Grady

A few weeks back we tied off 2017 with our last show of the year at The Dolls House, however, the new year brings lots of exciting announcements from the Kikamora HQ which we cant wait to share with you all, so keep them eyes peeled!

It’s been a fantastic year for the band, beginning the year supporting the mighty L.A Guns and ending with some great shows including Hard Rock Hell & The Rock N’ Roll Circus Christmas Bash. We also embarked on our first mini-tour, playing venues up North that seemed like distant dreams when we first started this band. It’s truly humbling to find that, although we are a new sound to the Northerners, our arrival was still met with plenty of music lovers who’d come to check out our music. Proof that Rock N’ Roll is still alive and kicking!

Lastly, we like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has continually supported Kikamora throughout the year in any way, shape or form. We couldn’t of done it without you! We wish you all a Merry Shredmas and a messy new year! xx

Kikamora at Hard Rock Hell

Above photo – Becky O’Grady

We certainly enjoyed our first Hard Rock Hell. We arrived early and discovered straight away that this was not going to be just another show and we were not wrong. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the main man Mr Ceri Davies who was an absolute legend all weekend helping out and offering his support!


Below is a review by Simeon D thanks for your kind words!

Following on are another of my personal favourites and newcomer’s to the HRH scene, Bristol based Kikamora. Wilf and the guys outdid themselves with their set that day and to follow on from such a blistering previous performance from Florence Black and keep the crowd to the same level shows that Kikamora are a force to be reckoned with. Pumping out their fusion of classic hard rock and blues with southern tinges, Kikamora bring something refreshing to the scene alongside saxophone and harmonica in places that inspires and provides a sublime mood that’s so enjoyable and captivating that you can’t help but get addicted.


Kikamora Headline Drunken Monkey Festival

We didn’t know what to expect when we set off to play The Drunken Monkey Festival in Gloucester but upon arrival we soon realised although this was a relatively small festival it made up for it in terms of atmosphere. Every person we came across was nice and friendly and there for one reason only, to Rock!

Drunken 4

Two things happened leading up to the festival, firstly the headline band pulled out so we were asked if we could fill a full 90-minute headline slot, no problem we thought. Secondly Wilf’s surgery was brought forward to 5 days before the festival meaning he would have to perform in a sling and he wouldn’t be able to play harmonica.

drunken 3

A very last-minute call was made to our saviour Mr Dan Lewis to see he could lend a hand and perform a brand-new song entitled “Wrong place, Right Time” which includes a harmonica section. We took to the stage and performed our longest set to date. A total of 16 songs including brand new album contenders, covers and instrumental sections drafted in at last minute to fill the set. We won over the crowd spending time with audience members after, selling merchandise and discussing future shows in the area.


Annoncement! Hard Rock Hell 11

It has been extremely hard for us to keep this quiet. We are truly honoured to be a part of this years Hard Rock Hell it is a festival that has been on the bands map for a long time and we really can not wait to get on that stage and play for you all! and we get to play alongside band likeAirbourne,Black Star RidersDee SniderReefWayward Sons just to name a few! This year just got a whole lot better! Hope you have your tickets.

Live Review From Planetmosh.com – Bristol Metal 2 The Masses

As with their semi-final, Kikamora have packed out the Exchange and with every song that finishes the cheers get louder and longer. Like Franklin Mint, they too debut a new song entitles Wrong Place, Right Time which goes down an absolute treat and sees Wilf Kite (who can add Robert Plant, Axl Rose and Sammy Hagar to the vocalists he channels after previous remarks concerning Bon Scott and Brian Johnson) bring out his harmonica to add another layer onto their driving classic rock. Guitarist Jimi Bessant is on absolute fire tonight and a big mention must go to rhythm guitarist Daniel Marshall and bassist Rob Ives, who last time seemed a little reluctant to get forward but tonight are front and centre with everyone else. Saxophonist Frankie Povey is also a delight, giving proceedings an extra dimension that reaffirms just how special Kikamora are as a band.

Words by Elliot Leaver. Picture credit Becky o’ Grady


In The Henhouse – Deluxe Edition

In The Henhouse now available on CD with previously unreleased music.

As a treat for all our fans we have decided to compile all our recording under one brand new deluxe version of In the Henhouse. And even better we will be offering it at the same price as the original version. Head over to our SHOP for more details.