Kikamora is a 5-piece band with an eclectic mix of rock and roll, blues, and their own hard-hitting, unique sound.

Formed in early 2015, Kikamora immediately grabbed the spotlights, playing their first live show, recording their first video “Old Rosie” and their first collection of songs entitled “Old Rosie Demos”. With raspy and energetic vocals, bold bass lines, complex guitars and dynamic drums, Kikamora played relentlessly throughout 2015. Their gritty and distinctive rock beats brought them out of the crowd and quickly gathered a legion of loyal fans.

Over the coming months, Kikamora started displaying their skills “live on air” in local radio shows, including BBC Bristol and Glastonbury FM. Excited by the direction of their music and the crowd response, they began writing material for their first EP at the end of 2015.

2016 brought a brilliant start for the band, teaming up with the likes of Rock N Roll Circus Radio, allowing Kikamora to bring their music further across the UK, expanding their coverage to Wales and The Midlands.

Whilst energetically gigging all over, the band started the pre-production of their EP in early 2016, exploring the potential studios that could best capture their playful nature and fine-tuning each song. Kikamora eventually discovered Hellfire Studios and were eager to know the studio had housed the likes of Motorhead, Slayer, and Exodus (to name a few). During the recording of “In the Henhouse”, the band introduced a new soulful twist to their sound, bringing a saxofonist as very special guest. This allowed the band the ability to expand their music into new realms and find that mesmerising rock and blues sound.

The next few months saw the band finishing post production on their EP, releasing “In The Henhouse” officially on 26 September 2016 and announcing this at a great launch show in Wales (their new home away from home). The new EP was such a roaring success that Kikamora entered the “Highway to Hell” competition at the end of the year and signed with Broken Road Records shortly after. Kikamora intoxicated England and Wales over the final months of 2016, gigging every weekend and playing with the likes of Phil Campbell’s All Star Band, Skinny Molly, and The Groundhogs.

Surging into 2017, Kikamora continued promoting their EP performing their way through 16 gigs in the first 4 months as headliners and also supporting high-profile shows, including LA Guns. Shortly after, Kikamora took themselves north for a small tour including Newcastle and parts of Scotland to their ever-growing coverage.

The exhilarating ride didn’t stop there, with Kikamora being entered into the Bristol edition of “Metal 2 The Masses” in May 2017. Kikamora flew through their rounds showing their striking skill and visionary music, gaining both the crowd and judges votes in their first performance alone. In the finals, Kikamora exhibited their real energy, shaking the stage and making the crowds roar.

2018 has been another turning point in Kikamora’s journey. After losing veteran and legendary drummer Mr Rich Wilson at the end of 2017, followed by Daniel Marshall leaving shortly after, the new line up includes “Andy Stick Shredder Page” on drums and “Chris Archela” on guitar.

Kikamora released their new EP “Masquerade” in November-18 and toured the UK to promote the album. The tour ended with a memorable show in Bristol, their hometown.

The band has booked their first European Tour for the Spring 2019.