Kikamora will be heading Netherlands and Germany this March for the YEAH, YEAH BABY TOUR 2019.

We’ll be joing our good friends Nightlaser (GER) for six incredibles shows across this two countries.

We can’t wait to hit the road and play our new show for you all!!!




We are thrilled and very (very) prod to say that out new EP “MASQUERADE” is out now!!!

This album was recorded between May and June this year and brings the best material we ever wrote before!

Five songs to blow everyone minds with killer performance and tons of Rock and Roll!

You can listen to the new album on all streaming services. The link for Spotify is this: Masquerade

We hope you enjoy the listening!

Love, Kikamora


Track list:

1 – Alibi

2 – Wrong Place, Right Time

3 – Sat Around Living

4 – Off The Cuff

5 – Said & Done


We’re very (very) proud to share with you our brand new single “Said & Done” available on all streaming services!

This is the second single from our upcoming EP “MASQUERADE”, which is out on 16th of November!

You can listen our new tune in this link: Said & Done


Our pledge campaign is still alive and kicking and you can pre-order a signed copy of MASQUERADE and plenty of others  in this link: PLEDGE MASQUERADE


We are thrilled to share with you our new EP “MASQUERADE” front cover!


We decided from the outset of this project that we wanted to use the amazingly talented Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, we were not disappointed with the outcome. On Monday we will be releasing the first new song ‘Wrong Place, Right Time’ through our PledgeMusic campaign. If you want exclusive updates and behind the scenes studio videos from the EP follow the link and pre-order your copy now.

Here is the link for the Pledge Campaign.


As you may know, Kikamora recorded their brand new EP at Outhouse Studios in Reading last May/June.

This EP, called “MASQUERADE”, will be the first release with the new band’s line up after Andy Page and Chris Archela joined the team.

We are very excited to share this EP with you, our faithful fans. So we need YOUR help to make this happen. On this pledge you can find and purchase signed copies of our soon-to-be-EP, an arsenal of luxurious garments and exclusive bundles and deals only available at PledgeMusic. All of which will help us fund this project and bring our sweet somerset grooves to you ever pining ears a lil’ bit faster.
Not only that, but pledgers will also receive early access to album artwork, videos and singles, behind the scene footage and updates, so that you can be as much a part of this as we are.

You can pledge by clicking in this link: MASQUERADE

This is an inconceivably exciting time for us and we are already so grateful for the continual support we receive from our fans. So, Brothers and Sisters – Keep Sharing, Keep Shredding and Keep Lovin’.

Let’s make this happen!


Happy new year

Photo Credit Becky O’ Grady

A few weeks back we tied off 2017 with our last show of the year at The Dolls House, however, the new year brings lots of exciting announcements from the Kikamora HQ which we cant wait to share with you all, so keep them eyes peeled!

It’s been a fantastic year for the band, beginning the year supporting the mighty L.A Guns and ending with some great shows including Hard Rock Hell & The Rock N’ Roll Circus Christmas Bash. We also embarked on our first mini-tour, playing venues up North that seemed like distant dreams when we first started this band. It’s truly humbling to find that, although we are a new sound to the Northerners, our arrival was still met with plenty of music lovers who’d come to check out our music. Proof that Rock N’ Roll is still alive and kicking!

Lastly, we like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has continually supported Kikamora throughout the year in any way, shape or form. We couldn’t of done it without you! We wish you all a Merry Shredmas and a messy new year! xx