Happy new year

Photo Credit Becky O’ Grady

A few weeks back we tied off 2017 with our last show of the year at The Dolls House, however, the new year brings lots of exciting announcements from the Kikamora HQ which we cant wait to share with you all, so keep them eyes peeled!

It’s been a fantastic year for the band, beginning the year supporting the mighty L.A Guns and ending with some great shows including Hard Rock Hell & The Rock N’ Roll Circus Christmas Bash. We also embarked on our first mini-tour, playing venues up North that seemed like distant dreams when we first started this band. It’s truly humbling to find that, although we are a new sound to the Northerners, our arrival was still met with plenty of music lovers who’d come to check out our music. Proof that Rock N’ Roll is still alive and kicking!

Lastly, we like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has continually supported Kikamora throughout the year in any way, shape or form. We couldn’t of done it without you! We wish you all a Merry Shredmas and a messy new year! xx

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